Mary Ann Hollingsworth

University of West Alabama, USA

Mary Ann Hollingsworth has been teaching counseling and psychology at various universities in the United States since 2007. In the 1990's, she also taught collegiate courses in personnel management and supervision. She is presently an associate professor at the University of West Alabama in the USA. Prior to teaching, she practicedcounseling in both clinical and educational settings and served a career as a personnel andadministration officer with the USA military.

Her areas of interest reflect her experience and training to include pedagogical interventions, promotion of resilience throughout the lifespan, personal wellness paradigms, human growth and development, professional ethics, and online applications for both pedagogy and practice of counseling and psychology. She has published over 28scholarly journals, a textbook on lifespan development, and several inspirational books. She has written a weekly newspaper column for the last eleven years with focus on inspiration and self-help. She has presented on her topics of interest in over 45 professional conference sessions. She has developed programs to facilitate optimal development of youth that included mentoring by adult role models.

Her personal interests center around integration of person and nature such as gardening, farming, and various art hobbies. She spends most of her time in her home area of Quitman, Mississippi and her university area of Livingston, Alabama.