Aims and Scope

Founded in January 2014 on European soil, EJES is one of the three specialized journals of the European Scientific Institute (ESI). Its activity is aimed at publishing research articles and literature reviews in the area of pedagogy and educational sciences. Using the ESI`s extensive network of experts, we created an editorial board with academicians from different Universities worldwide who are willing to share their knowledge and experience on the process of publishing scientifically sound research.

The European Journal of Educational Sciences (EJES) supports the researchers in overcoming contemporary barriers by providing realistic amount of publication charges and cutting the timeframe for reviewer selection and first decision. However, the journal strives to provide a rigorous peer review procedure in a decent timeframe. At EJES, we succeed to provide a prompt initial screening of the papers and assignment of adequate reviewers. Every submitted paper is reviewed by at least 2 editor-suggested reviewers.

As a peer-reviewed and open access journal, the European Journal of Educational Sciences (EJES) publishes manuscripts in English language, using a single-blind and open peer review model. Therefore, the reviewers are familiar with the names of the author but not vice versa. However, the reviewers and the authors are encouraged by the editorial office to reveal their names under the open peer review and enhance the transparency of the process. The journal follows the newest trends in the area of publication ethics. It is issued quarterly, producing new editions on the last day of March, June, September, and December every year.